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About Us

Meet the one who started it all!

Hello everyone! Bhashana here. It is a true fact that people face so many hardships when doing their jobs. Me too! So I had to adapt to a completely different career to stand on my feet alone. It is a Win! Win! Win!

I was born in Sri Lanka as the proud son of two teachers. I entered the SLIIT with the intent of studying Information Technology. In fact, I ended up graduating as a Software Engineer. Then I worked for a reputed Software firm in Sri Lanka for one year which was one of the happiest periods in my life. But there are things in life that we cannot control – this led me to quit my job. But I continued to learn things.

In 2020, I completed my diploma in Digital Marketing. I was forced to adapt to that quickly since I had no option in life. With things happening in between I started to earn well online. Now I am the owner of Reteque, blessed with a family. This is my life story and I am here to help you write your one.

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