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Home » InVideo Review: Make Videos like a Professional Video Editor

InVideo Review: Make Videos like a Professional Video Editor

    InVideo Review: Make Videos like a Professional Video Editor

    Have you ever noticed how Canva can help non-designers create eye-catching images? If yes, we know you’ll love InVideo. Doing the same with a focus on helping you create videos. In this InVideo review, We are going to cover:

    • What is InVideo, its features, and pricing
    • How to make money using InVideo
    • How to use InVideo without being a freelancer

    Sound exciting? Let’s start by introducing you to the platform, especially if you’ve never heard of it or heard of it recently.

    What is InVideo

    InVideo hosted on, It is a new entry into the video editing industry. Just like creating images in Canva, templates help you create a variety of eye-catching videos.

    InVideo also helps you create blog posts and articles in video format. I think this is great, especially if you’re a blogger who loves the idea of ​​reusing your content. What makes InVideo unique?

    “Literally anyone with little or no technical background can make a video.”

    Yes, it is. Although I run a fairly successful YouTube channel. I edit all my videos myself, but I’m not an expert in creating video content. Still, I made many videos using InVideo.

    So if I can do it, I’m sure you can too. don’t believe me Let me guide you through the video creation process with InVideo.

    InVideo Review: How It Works

    InVideo’s homepage explains how video creation works on the platform. why? Because the team knows it’s the platform’s most important feature. So you have to sign up for an InVideo account and get started for free.

    InVideo how its work

    Start with a template that fits your brand story or idea well. Then use InVideo’s free music, photos, and videos. Adjust colors, timing, fonts, and more. You can also start with a blank template and add elements of your choice.

    Once done, export your video project. InVideo also allows you to share on social media within the platform.

    But here, learn a little more about the platform’s features that you can enjoy.

    InVideo Features

    InVideo offers many features for non-professional video creators like you and me. Let’s see them.

    • Visual effects
    • Text overlay
    • Reseller rights
    • HD Resolution
    • Audio tools
    • Media library
    • Visual effects
    • Shareable link
    • Variety of Fonts
    • Speed adjustment
    • Ready-made templates
    • Font quote templates
    • Tons of stickers
    • Blog post/article to video
    • Video Making & Stabilization
    • Split and merge videos
    • Shapes, text boxes, and more. 

    InVideo Pricing

    InVideo is based on a freemium business model. And you don’t need to do anything to start using it. However, it has some limitations, such as watermark in Video, etc

    InVideo Free Plan

    Let’s find out what you can get for free.

    • InVideo Watermark
    • 40min video duration
    • 3M+ standard media library
    • Automated text to speech
    • 5000+ video templates

    And I think it’s more than you can expect for free. If you’re just starting out, we recommend going free first and upgrading later. Other plans include Business and Unlimited. Let’s see them.

    InVideo Pricing
    InVideo Pricing

    InVideo Business Plan

    The Business plan is $15/month when paid at least one year in advance. It also costs $30/month if you don’t want to commit for a year. We are sure you will enjoy the wealth of resources InVideo has to offer. Also, you can export 60 videos per month.

    I recommend using the “Business” plan only if you’ve grown your video creation business. And if your investment is worth it, pay for a year and enjoy a 50% discount. At the time of writing, the information was correct.

    InVideo Unlimited plan

    InVideo’s “Unlimited” plan is truly unlimited. You can also export unlimited videos and enjoy 120 iStock and 1 million premium media resources. The “Unlimited” plan costs $30/month if you pay for one year. If you don’t sign up for a year, it costs $60/month.

    Again, I think you’ll need to purchase the 1-year “unlimited” plan to enjoy the 50% discount. You only do it when it’s worth it, right? And that makes me review the platform.

    InVideo Review: My Experience

    As an internet entrepreneur, I am always looking for new tools to quickly solve my problems. I have found InVideo to be a great tool for creating engaging videos. This platform has helped me in many ways, from creating ads to posting on Instagram.

    I’ll walk you through a simple process on how to do the same. When getting started with InVideo, you have two options:

    • Convert Article to Video
    • Explore Pre-Made Templates
    InVideo Start with template

    Choose the second option if you want to create an ad or Instagram post. Alternatively, you can choose the first option to seamlessly convert your article to video. Copy the blog post and paste it into your InVideo dashboard. Also add media files.

    How to Make money with InVideo

    InVideo Review: Ideas for Freelance Services

    There are many services you can offer with InVideo. Let me share two ideas for services I’ve tried.

    YouTube Intros & Outros Videos

    YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine and most popular video platform. There are all types of video makers out there

    InVideo youtube template

    you can find a lot of potential customers yourself. Offer to create an intro and an end for their YouTube videos. Create a Fiverr gig for this. And promote your gigs or services like a pro.

    Instagram Posts

    Instagram has many influencers. And everyone should be posting valuable content on Instagram. Videos are like gold on Instagram these days. Let Instagrammers know you can create amazing videos in no time.

    InVideo Instagram template

    InVideo Review: Conclusion

    There is no reason not to make money online today because the opportunities are endless. From writing online content to creating videos with InVideo, you can earn a full-time income. InVideo is a powerful platform for creating videos without technical knowledge.

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