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Duties and responsibilities of Digital Marketing Director

    Duties and responsibilities of Digital Marketing Director

    Digital Director manage the company’s digital business processes and processes, including websites, social media, e-commerce, and advertising campaigns. They design and implement digital marketing strategies, analyze data traffic and user metrics, and ensure the consistency of digital tone and presence.

    The history and emergence of digital marketing

    In simple terms, Digital Marketing is promoting products online with any type of technology. Digital Marketing is the use of channels to promote or sell products and services to targeted consumers and businesses.” People eat digital content every day.

    • Create, edit and implement a global digital marketing strategy
    • Manage strategy
    • Manage and train team runners
    • Stay up to date with the technology and organize ices
    • Manatee gee also manages various digital marketing channels
    • Measure ROI and KPIs
    • Prepare and manage digital marketing budget
    • Managing all telecommunications company accounts
    • Rate and manage content online
    • Track SEO data and Google Analytics to perform complex analysis
    • Also, create an incoming advertising program
    • Expect sales performance styles
    • Organize and lead a digital marketing team
    • Competition to research, investigate estimates and make suggestions for improvement.


    • Build our digital marketing path
    • Manage all digital marketing channels (e.g., website, blogs, emails, and social media) to ensure product consistency
    • Measure ROI and KPIs and adjust the budget
    • Develop specific campaigns to build and maintain high levels of customer communication


    • Organizes and uses all web, SEO / SEM, database marketing, email, social media, and advertising campaigns.
    • Designs, build, and maintains our social media presence.
    • Steps and performance reports for all digital optimize the campaigns
    • It identifies trends and understanding and improves spending and performance in terms of new growth strategies and in touchpoints n storms using digital market optimizes, extracting, and evaluating conversion and testing.
    • Works with internal groups to create landing pages and expand the user experience.
    • It uses a powerful analytical ability to test end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer contact locations.
    • Identifies critical conversion points and discards points, and improves user currents.
    • Collaborates with agencies and other vendor partners.
    • Analyzes emerging technologies.
    • It provides thought leadership and a sense of belonging where it belongs.

    Managing our social media accounts

    • Manage and improve online content, taking into account SEO and Google Analytics
    • Predicting sales performance trends and work diligently to increase our market share
    • Contact Product Directors, Design and Sales to increase customer satisfaction with related strategies
    • Encourage a digital marketing team to achieve goals
    • Monitor competition and give ideas for excellence
    • Hands on-date with the development of digital technology


    • Proven work experience as a digital marketing director
    • Experience that can be demonstrated in the design and implementation of successful digital marketing campaigns
    • A powerful understanding of how all the current digital marketing channels work
    • Strong knowledge of marketing and best practices
    • Hands of experience with SEO / SEM, Google Analytics, and CRM software
    • Getting used to web design
    • Excellent in-depth and project management skills
    • Team management and strength (written and verbal)
    • BSc degree in Marketing, Digital technology or relevant field
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