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Social Media Digital Marketing

    Social media digital marketing

    Adjusting your content to match the features of a particular social media platform is necessary because different people use different social media platforms for the same reason. I will highlight the things I should look for when measuring content on other platforms below. Remember, though, that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be relevant no matter which platform you choose – using the right keywords will ensure that your content stands out from the sea of ​​online content out there.



    Write posts that express your opinion on a topic, such as storytelling, thus keeping it interesting.


    People are more likely to read a blog that includes photos, videos, links to other posts, references. Also, use short sentences and appropriate keywords. Presenting your opinion, which encourages feedback from readers, will make your content engaging.


    This does not work. Whenever there is an update to a blog I wrote about earlier, I add it to the feedback (or comment) section, which not only engages but keeps the content fresh.


    Share links to your blog on multiple social networks for higher exposure. I use Twitter, Linked In, Facebook (always), and Stock Twits sometimes, depending on the blog’s content.

    Email Brochure

    An Email Brochure can be considered a short version of a blog with a message aimed specifically at people listed.

    Call to action

    send a short message that is easy to understand and do.

    Personalization and appreciation

    Using personal touch with helpful information create engagement.


    Do not create a message and become a “seller”; should touch the sound like an ad.


    It’s not too far

    Twitter has a limit of 280 words (usually 140), so make sure all terms are relevant.

    Friendly & Personal

    Messages personalized with a warm voice collect a lot of feedback

    Use media and share

    Insert photos, videos, and links. Rewrite, respond to responders, and add questions to increase engagement.


    Your tweet only lasts 18 minutes on average, so be realistic with your content


    With prolonged exposure to the post, associate it with the shape to stay on top. Also, use hashtags wisely to increase exposure.


    Personal & Professional

    LinkedIn is a professional communication tool and great for making new business contacts or finding a new job. Maintaining good conduct is a must.


    Presents information in a clear parental way with links to other articles. Ask questions to participate.


    Increase the visibility of your post over the standard 24 hours by adding content to your profile.


    Join groups, interact with other members by sharing your content with them. Also, as a new feature LinkedIn automatically tags your posts with 2-3 related tags for better search and visibility – you can always add relevant tags to your posts.


    People share more audio/visual content than regular content. Upload long videos on evergreen articles by presenting solutions to problems. Enter the appropriate keywords for your title, description, and tags.


    Pin a post on your profile page to extend the visibility of your content.

    Promoting your post with an ad is a popular way to reach a larger audience.

    Reload your popular posts to reach new followers every time.

    A robust social media platform but has seen the loss of favor recently with data breach scandals.


    Use colorful photos for your posts because Instagram would add add-ons very helpful in getting your content recognized.

    Find your most popular posts and upload similar content to generate more traffic.

    The most widely used platform by Millennials when referring to that genre.


    Another visual platform so it uses colorful images to attract people’s attention.

    Pinterest content remains the longest visible of all social media palatograms.

    Use long pins with a combination of text and images.

    Some of the popular ones include Reedit, Snapchat, and Tumblr. And if you don’t know, the parent company shut down Google+ after a previous data breach. The first of the two infographics show the tools to manage your social media posts on various platforms. At the same time, the second is to show critical statistics for other communication platforms there.

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